Lifestyle Management Coaching (LMC) 

Most of us have very busy and full lives, because of our schedules it has been necessary to establish Phone Coaching to enable people from all walks of life to fit coaching into their lives. Clients can set up their coaching call schedules for night or day.  From 6:00 AM CST to 9:00 PM CST. Usually clients set up 2 half hour sessions per week, one at the early part of the week and the other at the end of the week. This way they can get support throughout the entire week. Available any time of day for problem solving or if the need arises to modify your daily or weekly goals.

 How does it work?

Silva's Life Steps lifestyle coaching is available via SKYPE, phone, email, etc. We offer a full range of services to our clients from learning how to eat in restaurants, how to shop for healthy choices, how to add exercise into your routine and busy schedule, how to lose weight and keep it off, and improve the quality of life for your entire family. We supply everything you need to learn the healthy behaviors you need to be successful. We'll teach you simple target behaviors and a methodolgy to quickly learn how to be successful. We use SKYPE to stay in touch with you weekly or bi-weekly depending on what you need. This allows us to work one-on-one in a personal approach and within your schedule.



Take the first step (free no obligation consultation) Call for Information 615-243-6331 or e-mail: steve@silvaslifesteps.com



I have worked with Steve Silva for over a year. In that time I have lost and maintained a 40 pound weight loss. I have lost and gained over the years but Steve's continuing coaching, his support and education about food choices and exercise removes all judgment and replaces it with skills and personal choice. This empowers me, gives me a healthier body and the possibility of a healthy future as I move into my older years. He teaches one to be a free, responsible healthy person. These skills give me muscle in mind and body-never mind a body that feels good and looks great! Thanks so much Steve!

CS - Professional women, New York, NY