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Steve's Story steve in 2015

Steve Silva is one of the most inspirational and motivational speakers in the health industry today. At the age of 32, Steve had multiple health risk factors and was given 5 years to live by his family physician. Steve took control of his life and lost over 235 lbs. He started exercising, cut the fat in his diet, reduced his blood pressure, and changed his profession from Physical Education teacher to Lifestyle Coach.

For 16 years Steve was a senior national trainer for Health Management Resources of Boston, a national health care company specializing in corporate health and reducing lifestyle related health risk factors.

He started Silva’s Life Steps in 1992, consulting with companies like the Pennington Biomedical Research Center in Baton Rouge, LA and Health and Nutritional Technology of Carmel, CA.  As time progressed he created many programs for individuals and companies for improved health, lifestyle and fitness. He specializes in working with clients that have given up hope, and also works with children, athletes, and executives. Steve has been the nutritional consultant to the NBA. He has come from the extreme weight of over 400 lbs to make life style changes and become a world record holder.

He has been quoted in The New York Times, Boston Globe, Chicago Tribune, San Francisco Chronicle, and LA Times newspapers, as well as magazines. He has been a guest on numerous television and radio shows including Good Morning America and Regis and Kathy Lee.

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Steve said "In 1979 I was given 5 years to live.  My weight was over 400 pounds, my blood pressure was 206 over 135, medicated. My family physician said "Steve if you do not get this weight off and keep it off you will not see your daughter reach her 5th Birthday." In 1987 my weight was down to 200 pounds, I set an Outdoor World Record at the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Climbing up and down the stairs 7 and 1/2 times (which equals one mile vertical). 

My blood pressure is now 103/65, Triglycerides 150, Cholesterol 135. I have reversed the unhealthy behaviors and replaced them with healthy "lifestyle behaviors". I started Silva's Life Steps after 15 years of training medical and behavioral specialists in lifestyle management coaching.  A philosophy of teaching and supporting clients in successful lifestyle behaviors. The key to the program is the "personal attention and follow-up" clients receive from me.  It's as simple as taking the first step.".






For over 20 years it has been my pleasure to know, and often to work with Steve Silva. I have had the opportunity to see Steve coach both patients and athletes. I have also seen his skills as a trainer of other health and lifestyle professionals. Perhaps drawing on his own health struggles, Steve helps others learn to help themselves. He is an exceptional lifestyle coach. Steve is also a very caring person; one who brings to his work an abiding respect for each individual that he coaches. To know Steve is to know a person with great heart, great passion for helping others and a talent for translating the complex processes of health behavior change into everyday steps that many can learn to apply. I find it easy to recommend Steve Silva to others. picture

edEdward M. Framer, Ph.D. - Expert in Behavioral Health



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